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May 2019:  Your chance to win!

April STOP PRESS:  News Update

April 2019:  Look what I just did!

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January 2019:  Was the rat in the cafe, fact or fiction?

December 2018:  Read four chapters of my latest novel

October 2018:  An invitation and an opportunity

September 2018:  A new cover is revealed

July 2018:  Tunnel Rats, the two legged kind

May 2018:  Who is Agent Orange and where does he fit into this?

April 2018:  A female journalist in Vietnam

March 2018:  A date with Chris

February 2018:  A taste of a new story

December 2017:  My ties to Foxton and tips for visiting Vietnam

October 2017:  A book launch and a trip to Akaroa

August 2017:  Jane Fonda and a tropical island

May 2017:  A visit to Saigon - then and now

April 2017:  What was Luscombe Bowl?

March 2017:  Exploring Nui Dat

February 2017:  A visit to Vung Tau

January 2017:  A new cover is revealed

January 2017:  Some New Years Resolutions

December 2016:  An introduction