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The Nam Legacy synopsis

The Nam Legacy is an epic love story set during the 60's and 70's. When the Rolling Stones and Jefferson Airplane drove parents crazy, teenagers found sexual freedom and peace slogans covered placards. When the Vietnam War abducted the nation's young men and sent them to fight in New Zealand's most controversial campaign.
After eighteen months in Vietnam, New Zealand soldier Jack Coles thought killing others to stay alive would be the hardest thing he would ever have to live with. He was wrong.
Although the nightmare of what he saw and did haunt him constantly, what tortures him the most is what he has left behind.

'Not everyone who lost his life in Vietnam died there, not everyone who came home from Vietnam ever left there.'

The Nam Legacy is Jack's story.

A legacy of war, romance and rugby

(Radio NZ interview with Carole)

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what readers have said:

"What a brilliant read. Your detail in researching the story for this book is amazing, particulalry for a non military person. The history relating to that era, particularly to Foxton bought back memories of the 'Good Old Days' of non-regulated freedom. I was'nt expecting the story to end that way and felt the emotions as I read the last page. I love Bryce Courtney as a writer and his style of writing is similar to yours. To those people that love a good read, particularly military personel from this era, this book is a MUST READ. Congratulations Carole Brungar!"

"It is a powerful, gritty story with authentic characters."

"The realistic dialogue took me straight back."

"I was enthralled by the battle scenes, it almost made me feel like I was watching a movie."

"I finished your excellent book last night with a certain feeling of disappointment in that I wanted more! Have to say that I was immersed in reliving aspects of my earlier life & experiencing a range of emotions throughout. I expect that many military men & women who served in Vietnam would experience something similar upon reading your book, depending perhaps on the nature of their deployment(s). Ghostly visitations by past spirits are inevitable. I enjoyed the read immensely. Job well done Carole."

"This book took me on an unexpected journey. I laughed and cried, felt angry and such sorrow. A definite must read."

"This is so much more than a love story and it stays with you long after you've read it."

"You write of the Vietnam War with the authority that must come from intense research or perhaps like Evelyn you were there too. The Vietnam sections and the dialogue in particular is spot-on, and convincing."

"Set in the late sixties and seventies your caught up in the lives of Evelyn and Jack in small town Foxton then taken to the horrors of the Vietnam war."

"The Nam Legacy is evocative, disturbing and beautifully written."

"I have just finished reading your book The Nam Legacy. I must say it was a brilliant story and beautifully told. I was fascinated by the memories that flooded back in relation to the 1960's pre Vietnam War. The war part was well researched and brought back many memories also. I was in Victor 3 Company which was there at the same time as Whiskey 1 Company and can relate to the story. I believe this tale is similar in regards to most Vietnam Veterans in many ways. I congratulate you on your work and this book will hold a special place in my library."
Paddy: 3 Section, 3 Platoon, V3 Company, South Vietnam 1968/1969

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"What makes The Nam Legacy such a memorable novel, is its strong and emotional humanization of its characters. Carole Brungar pays great attention to each character and scene, breathing life into them without making them ever seem like caricatures of the Vietnam era.
The Nam Legacy's plot is heart-wrenching and captivating as the reader connects to and follows along with the characters' tumultuous lives, straight up to the bittersweet ending that is guaranteed to leave readers in a puddle of tears.
A realistic and relatable portrait of New Zealand life during the Vietnam War, The Nam Legacy is a powerful, truthful, undeniably genuine novel that will tug at your heartstrings and keep you hooked until the very last page."

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