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The Nam Shadow synopsis

To carefree, naive, young soldier Terry Edwards, life's an adventure. But how easy is it to cope with the extreme fear and intense emotions that come with the war in Vietnam, when you know life balances on the accuracy of a bullet in meeting its target? Sometimes, taking chances is the only way to stay alive.
For combat photographer Frankie Proctor, every young soldier in Vietnam has a story to tell. The problem is, can she tell it before the war claims them? Or her? Her days are filled with bloodshed and death. Sometimes, the only way to cope is to grab any opportunity you can to celebrate that you're still alive.
Destined to belong to a brotherhood of men who live in the shadow of Nam, Terry finds himself fighting a war he never saw coming. As Vietnam eats away at him from the inside, can he outrun the shadow? Can Frankie?

"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."
Norman Cousins

The Nam Shadow is Terry's story.

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what readers have said:

Review of The Nam Shadow by Karen McMillan, NZ Booklovers

"The novel is written by a woman. She, of course, did not experience combat in the NZ Infantry in Vietnam. I would not expect her to even try to portray the emotions and dialogue...the words and sub-human behaviour of the men who had to fight in that war. As a Vietnam Veteran who served in V Company RNZIR in 1967 in South Vietnam, I would like to say how much I enjoyed the novel.
The men were real to me. I mean...REALLY real to me. I saw myself and some close friends in some of the characters...and also in some of the scenarios. The actual dialogue, emotions, excitement and fears that we experienced would be impossible for us to explain to anyone...on paper, face-to-face or verbally. She has done this better than any other non-veteran author I have read. Many have tried over the past 50 years - from psychiatrists' couches to wives' wedding beds - to tell how we got the way we are...and I can assure you, we have been unsuccessful. Ms Brungar is one of the few (of either sex) authors who have tried to say what we experienced...and she has woven a warm, exciting love story around the characters and, for me, has made the countryside and combat situations real and gripping. To courageously and openly talk about the huge taboo topic of our war - Agent Orange - was refreshing and healing for me.
I have really enjoyed both the 'Nam Legacy' and now this 'Nam Shadow'.
I can't wait to read the next book."

"This story is well told and well written! It really works on a number of levels. On the surface, it is about the war, New Zealand's involvement in it and love lost and found. But in reality, it is about real life experiences. As a Vietnam Veteran, I can tell you this book could be about any veteran anywhere, and what your youthful decisions can visit upon the rest of your life, good and bad. It is so well written and the characters so finely drawn that you really care about them and feel you know them somehow. Can't wait for this author's next offering"
Dave Ammons

"I loved The Nam Legacy, but this was, what an amazing story. The relationship between Terry and Frankie was so powerful and important, especially during those times in Vietnam. Carole Brungar took me back into that war zone, back into everything those boys and Frankie went through and ripped my heart out several times. An incredible and moving story that I highly recommend."

"The Nam Shadow is a richly written and often unsettling journey into the Vietnam War as it follows Terry and Frankie playing their part in a game of propaganda, love, and loss. Throughout the book, colorful imaginary leaps off the page with insight and a well-researched story-line into both the War, and the Agent Orange fiasco. The Nam Shadow won't disappoint. It's an insightful five-star read that you won't want to put down. And after you're done, the story will stay with you for a long time. The perfect companion novel to The Nam Legacy."

"I think Carole took a lot of guts to write novels about Vietnam, considering how many view the war and all the issues surrounding it. It is often misunderstood and unspoken about. I recommend it with a huge thumbs up."

"Great things come to those who wait. The sequel to The Nam Legacy has landed! What a great read, I couldn't put it down. The Nam Shadow is a roller coaster read. It plays with your emotions. Heart pumping reading in the parts where Jack and Terry, and Frankie, a woman combat photographer, are in the jungle fighting. Carole's research and passion on the Vietnam War, Agent Orange and PTSD gives you a true understanding on what happened in that War and the the after-effects when the veterans returned home. Highly recommend. Can't wait for the next book."

"Loved it! I didn't put it down and read the whole book in one day. It is not often I come across a story that interests me in this way. Carol has an easy style of writing and crafted scenes so well I cried, felt the fear and the horror, but then laughed and revelled in the joy. It's a great read and one that can easily be picked up more than once and enjoyed again."

"Nam Shadow very much complemented Nam Legacy, however you could read it on its own and you wouldn't feel like you missed anything. Absolutely loved the main characters and my heart went out to them and what they went through. To know that in real-life so many soldiers and their families suffered as they did in the book just makes it even more powerful and emotional."

"Carole Brungar can spin a yarn."

"Love this book...feel as if I am right there with them. Can taste the food, feel the heat. Cry when someone dies. You are one hell of an auther Carole Brungar!"
Carrol Denne

"Carole, I have just finished 'the Nam shadow' and in a word Brilliant!!!! Couldn't put it down, what a great read.
I really enjoyed 'the Nam legacy' after picking it up from the 'recommended reads' section from our local library in Sumner and was very surprised how it held me throughout.
I am a bit of a fan of popular authors like Gerald Seymour, James Patterson and the like, so to take on an unknown (sorry) such as yourself was a bit of a challenge for this recently retired travel agent.
I thought the Nam legacy was a good 8 out of 10, but without doubt your latest book scored 10 out of ten! Every chapter held me and the whole novel flowed beautifully.
What a read, what a journey and as much as I always anticipated Terry would link up with Frankie again, the way you finished the book and how it all came together in the final chapters was simply brilliant - This hardened old traveller even had a tear in his eye at the end.
Take a bow Carole, that was a fantastic read and right up there with the very best of the best.
I have stayed at the Continental in Saigon quite a few times and your description of the rooms, balconies, stairs etc was superb - I felt I was back staying at the charming old Continental again, one of my all time favourite hotels.
Thanks for telling such a compelling story about the complexities of the Vietnam War in such a unique and special way."
Brian McC

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